Thu Jun 8 2023 11:22:42 UTC
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38 bugs found.
ID Status Comp Pri Sev Assignee Summary Changed
1 CONF TCP Normal fea nobody tcp: Add timestamps and Protection Against Wrapped Sequences (RFC 7323) 2022-10-26
5 CONF build Normal enh nobody build: Fixes to build with uClibc-ng 2022-10-26
2 CONF general Low fea nobody Add IGMP/MLD proxy 2022-10-26
3 CONF general Low fea nobody Add support for SCTP 2022-10-26
6 CONF general Normal fea nobody Port to FreeBSD and Darwin 2022-10-26
8 CONF general Normal fea nobody Port to Win2k 2022-10-26
9 CONF TCP High fea nobody TCP: Add some fuzzing tests, possibly using packetdrill 2022-10-26
10 CONF TCP Normal fea nobody tcp: Implement stricter (explicit) synflood protection, with configurable limits 2022-10-26
13 CONF general Lowest fea nobody Add multithreading 2022-10-26
21 CONF IPv6 Normal min nobody Turn NDP responder into quasi-declarative implementation 2022-10-27
23 CONF general Lowest enh nobody Switch bug tracker to something looking nice 2022-10-27
26 CONF general Lowest fea nobody Kata Containers: revamp proof-of-concept and explore upstream integration 2022-10-27
28 CONF build Normal nor nobody Tests: speed up distribution tests and re-enable them 2022-10-27
31 CONF build Low enh nobody Tests: enable readability-function-cognitive-complexity clang-tidy warnings 2022-10-27
32 CONF build Low fea nobody Scripts: turn pre-push git hook into server-side checks 2022-10-27
33 CONF build Low fea nobody Documentation: render Excalidraw diagrams on build 2022-10-27
34 CONF pasta Normal min nobody Properly estimate NS_FN_STACK_SIZE from NS_CALL()ed helpers 2022-10-27
35 CONF build Normal fea nobody Automatically generate generate documentation and call graphs with Sphinx or similar 2022-10-27
24 CONF TCP Normal enh nobody TCP: does deferred accept() help when guest-side port isn't listening? 2022-10-27
30 CONF general Normal enh nobody Refactor for clarity and to give a more immediate overview 2022-10-27
14 CONF general Low fea nobody With CAP_NET_RAW, use raw IP sockets 2022-10-27
7 CONF general Normal fea nobody Port to NetBSD and OpenBSD 2022-10-27
38 CONF general Low enh nobody Use pkt_buf (buffer for packets from guest/container) as ringbuffer 2022-11-10
39 CONF TCP Normal min nobody Spliced TCP connections will present incorrect peer port to listeners in pasta 2022-11-17
43 CONF general Normal fea nobody Add a mode for CLAT (RFC6145 as a part of RFC6877) 2023-03-02
45 CONF UDP High fea nobody UDP automatic port forwarding detects bound ports only when pasta starts 2023-03-21
29 CONF build High min sbrivio Tests: re-enable demos once Podman integration lands upstream 2023-03-24
20 IN_P general High nor sbrivio Evaluate memory overhead with different port forwarding configurations, decrease it 2023-03-24
46 CONF pasta Normal fea nobody Wrong interface might be chosen if multiple (source-specific) default routes are present 2023-03-24
48 CONF general Normal fea nobody Don’t do NAT for non-local binds 2023-03-24
25 IN_P general High fea lvivier vhost-user back-end 2023-04-24
47 CONF general Normal fea nobody Support multiple addresses per address family 2023-05-27
22 CONF build Normal nor dgibson Tests: allow context setup with interactive shell 2023-06-01
49 CONF pasta High fea nobody pasta does not work with tap-style interface 2023-06-02
52 IN_P pasta Normal nor nobody pasta --help option writes to stderr instead of stdout Sun 05:50
53 CONF pasta Normal nor nobody "pasta --help" returns exit code 1 Sun 07:26
50 CONF IPv6 Normal nor dgibson pasta: Port binding shouldn't be prevented by the lack of a default IPv6 route Tue 13:34
54 CONF general Normal nor nobody pasta significantly underperforms slirp4netns when connecting to a genuinely remote host 06:44:47
38 bugs found.


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