Mon Jun 17 2024 16:29:35 UTC
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16 bugs found.
ID Status Comp Pri Sev Assignee Summary Changed
76 CONF TCP Normal qui nobody Large amount of TCP retransmission received at the tap side 2024-01-17
58 CONF general Normal qui sbrivio rootless TUN/TAP interface issues causing timeouts 2024-01-17
22 CONF build Normal nor dgibson Tests: allow context setup with interactive shell 2023-06-01
50 CONF IPv6 Normal nor dgibson pasta: Port binding shouldn't be prevented by the lack of a default IPv6 route 2023-06-15
65 CONF IPv4 Normal nor dgibson passt/pasta MTU occasionally still requires IP fragmentation 2023-07-04
66 CONF general Normal nor dgibson pasta --config-net accepts, but does not properly handle MTUs between 65522 and 65535 2023-07-04
28 CONF build Normal nor nobody Tests: speed up distribution tests and re-enable them 2022-10-27
81 CONF pasta Normal nor sbrivio pasta: selinux policy problems 2024-03-19
20 IN_P general High nor sbrivio Evaluate memory overhead with different port forwarding configurations, decrease it 2023-03-24
90 IN_P pasta Normal nor dgibson regression for bug 52 (--help option writes to stderr instead of stdout) 15:05:08
86 IN_P pasta Normal nor nobody pasta does not filter out unneeded routes on kernel < 4.20 2024-05-10
73 IN_P IPv4 Normal nor stsp2 small IPv4 packets rejected 2023-08-30
29 CONF build High min sbrivio Tests: re-enable demos once Podman integration lands upstream 2023-03-24
21 CONF IPv6 Normal min nobody Turn NDP responder into quasi-declarative implementation 2022-10-27
34 CONF pasta Normal min nobody Properly estimate NS_FN_STACK_SIZE from NS_CALL()ed helpers 2022-10-27
55 CONF ICMP Low min nobody Certain large ping sizes are not forwarded properly 2023-07-04
16 bugs found.


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